Dakishvili Winery


The profession of winemaker isn’t new in Dakishvili Family. Wine knowledge was collected by several generations and passed on to sons and grandsons.
The family comes from Pankisi Gorge area, where their ancestors started winegrowing culture for more than 10 decades ago. Priest Simon, who was growing unique grape type “Qisturi”, started this culture.
Unfortunately, he became a victim of the Red Army repressions and was found dead in 1929.
Son of the priest Simon, GogiDakishvili elder couldn’t continue family’s winemaking traditions, because he died very young at the age of 27 during the Second World War.
The family did not abandon the divine love of wine and continued to produce wine after his death. The son of Giorgi Dakishvili, TemuriDakishvili eldergraduated from one of the prestigious wine -making universities of the Soviet Union in Moscow.
From 1960 to1996 he worked as the chief winemaker at the Teliani winery.
This state owned winery was the only one where the highest quality red wine had been aging in oak barrels.
GogiDakishvili also followed in his ancestor’s footsteps and got a proper education together with his future wife Ilona.
Gogi and Ilona Dakishvili graduated from the Food processing Academy in Odessa, faculty of Enology and Viticulture.
Gogi and Ilona have 3 children:
Temuri – the eldest son is an Enologist, and consults severalwineries cellars as well. Temuriis marred toXatiaDakishvili, and they have a son Giorgi and a daughter Lisa.
Xatia is involved in family wine business as a marketing manager. Daviti , who is only 15, is so keen on wine that at his age he already assists (helps)Gogi and Temuri in the winemaking process.
Gogi’s daughter Mary, became a medical doctor, however, she is a big fan of wine.
Mary is married to MishoJugashvili and they have daughter Elena.
It should also be mentioned thatGogi’s second grandfatherArchilChuadze, on the maternal line was the famous Qvevri wine maker, with extensive experience of making Kisi in Qvevri.
It can said that traditions and age-old experience make Dakishvili wines excellent.